“Lelelewa’s steady and clear grounded
 is just one of the qualities 
make working with her so productive.
Besides her insightful skill at shining
a light along my path, she has 
a way
of working with me that helps to instill
 and inspire me to
have more trust in Life.” KB


I am a Teacher, Spiritual Practitioner, and Soul Friend devoted to service and healing for body, mind, and spirit. Steeped in spiritual practice, teaching and training for over 35 years, I am here to support you by sharing ancient and contemporary wisdom for your unique path. I offer classes, vision quests, ceremonies, and a variety of individual sessions including intuitive psychic readings, intuitive healing sessions, astrological consultations, and hypnotherapy. I am here to support you gaining insight into your soul and clear direction for your journey.

Your soul awaits.

My mission at Soul Wisdom Healing Arts
is to support each client on his or her unique life journey
through the highest quality services and education.
To sow the seeds of right relationship to the earth,
self, community, Divine Spirit, and the world.