About Me

My Approach
It is my Joy to share the wisdom and insight and skill I have received from my teachers and my experiences on the path of spirit. I consider this a great responsibility and honor and therefore I strive to uphold the highest standards of ethics, wisdom, and kindness I encourage every seeker to take responsibility for their own choices, and not to give me power over them. I point out each person’s power to live their higher purpose with more insight and information that he or she had before.

My Story
I began the spiritual path early: my family is deeply rooted in Christianity, and I took my relationship with Jesus very seriously. In my early 20’s my choices had led me to some hard times and I was soul searching.  I started out reading Tarot cards. I found I was very Intuitive and psychic and had lots of clients. I realized, though, that I had talent but not enough wisdom to do what I was doing. So, I started college, studying Communications. And I found a Spiritual Teacher. She taught me how to be a true Spiritual Guide and trained me in Earth Based Shamanism. That took several years. Meanwhile I took training in Hypnotherapy with Virgil Hayes in Salt Lake City, and Advanced Hypnotherapy from Jerry Kein in Florida. Since then I have spent literally thousands of hours in class settings, Personal Quests, and daily meditations and practices. The work I do now reflects all those years of training and experience integrated into one heart and one mind, this being, Lelelewa.

My Training

  • Communication with Emphasis in Psychology at Boise, State University.
  • Earth Based Initiated Ceremonial Healer and Leader in the Amaraji Maha Marai Dharma with full authorization to practice and teach.  (Seven years full time training)
  • First and Second-Degree Reiki in the Usui Lineage with Dodie Jordan, Veteran Reiki Master
  • Certified Hypnotherapist Training with Virgil Hayes HTI in 1990 and Advanced training With Gerald Kein Omni Hypnosis Center 2004
  • Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists
  • EFT practitioner
  • Ordination as Minister and Dharma Holder in Amaraji Maha Marai Dharma Center
  • CPE Training at St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center Boise< ID with Kent Shaufelberger One Unit
  • (Pastoral Care in clinical setting)
  • Nashotareeshi Healing Practitioner