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Going to see Lelelewa was one of the best decisions I have ever made!
With the help and guidance of her, I was able to make huge
positive shifts in my life! Lelelewa is so wise, strong, loving, and patient.
If you’re ready to really make to make some amazing changes,
I suggest going to her, going through her classes,
and/or seeing her in private session. TR


Lelelewa Tano Rikiho

1510 S. Robert St.

Suite 102
Boise, Idaho 83705


I am a spiritual practitioner with 35 years’ experience. What I share is purely spiritual philosophy and practice. I am not a physician, I do not diagnose medical or psychiatric conditions. Spiritual Practice and Hypnosis complement, but are not a substitute for, medical and behavioral health services. My services are offered to everyday, healthy people seeking guidance and insight on the spiritual path.

Financial Philosophy and Policies
I believe that the relationship between a spiritual guide and a seeker or student is a sacred one. It is not a consumer/product situation. I cannot sell what I have anymore than someone could sell their infant child. That said, there is a sacred hoop of giving and receiving. In Ancient times people would supply the holy person with all that was needed. In this day and age, the exchange does not work that way. I have bills to pay like everyone else. So, I charge a fee for my time and experience. That helps me live, and it helps the seeker too. We must make a sacrifice of time, energy (and money) to gain what we seek.

That said, I do have a sliding scale fee, and I will offer partial working scholarships for those who cannot pay but show me they genuinely want to learn or accept healing. Ask for more information if this applies to you.