Lelelewa’s compassionate and intuitive approach
has helped me to identify a way of understanding and
working through my situation.  I have found her approach
to problem solving much more practical and
results-oriented than traditional western therapies.

Intuitive Psychic Readings
In this one-hour session I listen to your questions and together we form an intention. A wholistic reading will cover all areas of your life, including health, relationship, career, home. I will also address specific concerns such as deceased relatives, specific relationships, and soul patterns and contracts, as needed.  I use inner vision, various tools of divination, and skills and tools I have learned or developed over the last thirty-five years. I suggest you record the session on your phone, if desired.  $95

Intuitive Healing Sessions 
In the same way we begin readings, we sit together with an intention or question, meditate, and find the true work that needs to happen that day or over a span of time. We focus upon a particular challenge and discover perhaps it’s origin and empowering ways for you to transform it into a gift or bring to a resolution. We may use ceremony, meditation, affirmations, tapping (EFT), imagery or hypnosis, or other tools and practices given by myself or the higher guidance.   $95

Astrological Consultations 
The date, place, and time of your birth reveal the patterns of your personality and the map of your soul. I find this extremely useful for self-awareness plus knowing the patterns and cycles affecting a person at any given time. Astrology is an ancient and amazing combination of math, science and psychology. Natal Chart Reading with Transits is the first Reading I do for you. Shows your unique gifts, challenges, and insight into what makes you tick. People usually say” So that’s why I do that!” It is a joy to see the aha moment arrive. Transits and Progressed Chart Reading. Most people like to get this reading once or twice a year. This helps for personal and spiritual growth, insight into “who you are now,” and current influences. These influences will guide you on how to proceed on many life decisions, on the mundane and spiritual levels.   $125

Quest or Program Sessions “Soul Work”
These sessions may include any of the above plus integration of teachings gathered in group circles. Being unique, you will want to explore it in a deeper and more personal way. This is also a time for you to share your reflections from the past month or weeks.    $95

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to use your mind, the most powerful tool on earth. Through deep guided relaxation and imagery, your can transform old beliefs into ones that reflect your true values. My specialties are self esteem, relaxation and stress relief, self-healing of the past, and medical Hypnosis.

Medical Hypnosis helps those who are undergoing surgery or procedures, pain or discomfort due to illness or treatments, lifestyle changes due to health issues (such as diabetes or other dietary changes.) Will power alone cannot “overcome” these challenges. You need your “Whole” mind to cooperate to create a new pattern.   All hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis, so I will teach you how to hypnotize yourself to reinforce the work we do here.

All individual sessions are available
in person, by phone, or Skype.